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Car Care & Cleaning Tips

Always attend to bird droppings as soon as possible or as soon as you notice them. These annoying droppings are very acidic and they can quickly harm your paint especially on hot sunny days. This is why it’s a good idea to keep up your car’s finish and wax it regularly. When cleaning bird droppings, resist the temptation to scrub hard as this can cause scratches. Never use scrub pads, terry cloth towels or sponges on your car’s finish because they too can scratch your paint. It’s best to use micro-fiber towels and a soft touch for best results. You can spray the area with your favorite glass cleaner and then "dab" the area to remove the offending material. If the poop is still stuck to your paint you can soak a towel and place it over the crusty part for several minutes to soften it. You should do this in the shade and check it periodically so you don’t cause another problem, water spots.

I don’t care who you are or what you use, cleaning car windows so they are streak free is not all that easy especially on a hot summer day. For really clean windows you have to remove all the oils, bug marks and grime first. I like to use a bug scrubber for this step. Then I like to finish with a good household liquid glass cleaner and a plush new micro-fiber towel. I haven’t used a foam aerosol glass cleaner yet that works any better than good old Windex. It’s best to finish your windows in the sun so you can see and remove all the streaks. You might try to use a vertical motion for the exterior, and a horizontal motion for the interior so you can tell which side the streaks are on. With a little practice your windows will start looking better than ever. So get out there and start practicing.

The ceiling of your car is also known as the headliner. Headliners can be delicate so you should use great care when cleaning them. Some headliners are made of a felt material that is glued to a piece of molded cardboard. With these headliners you have to be careful not to saturate the surface so you don’t dissolve the glue and cause the headliner to sag. The safest way to clean these headliners is to use two terry cloth towels and a good carpet cleaner or degreaser. You can adjust the concentration by wetting the towel before you spray your product on it. Always start with a small area to test for color fastness. If the cleaner removes or changes the color you might want to stop and reevaluate, you could call a professional. To clean your headliner, take one towel and spray the cleaner on it. Do not spray cleaner directly onto your headliner because this could dissolve the glue. Take the terry cloth towel with the cleaner on it and lightly rub a 2-foot by 2-foot section of your headliner in a back and forth straight motion. This will loosen dirt and pick up most of it. Then you follow directly with the dry terry cloth towel to pick up remaining dirt.

Winter is here and if you haven’t checked your tires yet for tread wear and proper tire pressure you might want to take a quick look at them. Look to make sure your tires are wearing evenly and that the tread is not worn below the wear bar which is usually 2/32” deep. Another way to determine the tread depth is by using a penny. Place a penny in each tire grove with Lincoln’s head facing you upside down. If part of Lincoln's head is always covered by the tread, you have more than 2/32" of tread depth remaining. It doesn’t rain here that much in San Diego but when it does the roads can be especially slick so for your own safety check your tires.

It's been said that twenty percent of all vehicle accidents result from impaired vision caused by a dirty or damp windshield and one million accidents could be avoided annually with proper windshield wiper maintenance. In San Diego windshield wipers are rarely used but UV rays, dirt and oxidation are constantly deteriorating them. Experts say wiper blades should be changed every six months and the average person changes their windshield wipers every two to three years. Do yourself a favor and check your windshield wipers before you need to use them. Contact us if you have any questions regarding auto glass repair or replacement.

1. Buy regular unleaded gasoline unless otherwise recommended by your auto manufacturer and buy fuel from a reputable gas station. A customer of mine checked her gas mileage after filling up several times at a cheap local independent gas station and she was actually getting worse gas mileage than before. The independent station was the cheapest in the area but when you factor in the lower gas mileage you're not saving any money. I think most people buy the cheapest gas they can but few of us are regularly checking our mileage and some of us are buying premium gasoline even though our car's don't require it. It's best to refer to your owners manual however buying premium gas when it's not required won't get you better fuel economy or performance.

2. Tighten you gas cap. A loose or worn gas cap will cause more fuel to evaporate and cost you money. Also my mechanic told me that
when cars come into his shop because their check engine light is on that 90% of the time it's because of a faulty or loose gas cap.

3. Don't top off. If you continue to fill your tank after the automatic nozzle clicks of it's a waste of money and is not good for our environment.

4. Use shade. Direct hot summer sun causes a greater amount of evaporative emissions to occur than if you park in the shade. So park your car in the shade of a building or tree whenever possible. A windshield shade can also help.

Does a clean car improve gas mileage? Probably not much unless you are driving around with clumps of dirt on your car but driving a clean and well detailed car sure feels good.

Rainy weather driving can be a challenge so be careful out there. Slick roads and reduced visibility can make a short trip to the store a dangerous journey. If you can't see well because of a downpour, you can be sure that other drivers can't see well either, which could potentially lead to an accident. Its a good idea to double check to make sure all your car lights are working properly. Also headlight and tail light covers often get cloudy over time which will reduce their effectiveness. So consider headlight restoration as a thrifty alternative to expensive factory replacements.

Safety of replacement auto glass debated

A pending lawsuit by a woman who was severely injured after the windshield popped out of her car, keeps the issue of Windshield Replacement safety in the forefront. The suit, against GM, National Car Rental, and a Hawaii auto glass shop, touches topics that have been prevalent in the industry are Auto Glass installers adhering to the proper use of sealants? Are cost-cutting measures by shops and insurance companies, along with the "want it now" mentality of consumers, sacrificing safety? With the millions and millions of windshields replaced each year, should the after market be regulated? The Detroit News article is just one of many media sources who have focused on windshield replacement safety.

There's more to auto detailing than meets the eye

Is your car a breeding ground for germs and mold? Think about it, many of us are so busy that our car doubles as an extra office and fast food booth. We spill food, soda, juice and coffee all over our cars interior. Not to mention all the sneezing and coughing. If you have small children have you ever looked closely at your child's car seat? University of Arizona microbiologist Dr. Chuck Gerbafound that your car could be one of the moldiest forms of public transportation. Your car could have millions of bacteria on the door handled, seats and on the carpet. So how long has it been since your car's interior was was deep cleaned and disinfected? When you are ready to have a professional interior or complete auto detail ask us about our bio-friendly cleaning products and our enzyme odor digester.

Your car windshield does more than protect you from rain, wind and the occasional flying rock. It's part of an engineered system performing critical functions in the design of your vehicle.

Your windshield helps to keep you safe as part of the airbag system. Itprovides roof-crushing resistance and prevents passenger ejection.

Getting a new windshield in your car can be as simple as making one phone call...
Just be sure the auto glass company you choose follows federal safety standards for auto glass installation. Remember a cheep windshield installer might cut corners that could compromise your safety. Our approved auto glass installers follow the strictest safety standards and guarantee that your windshield is safe and properly installed. Using the latest installation techniques, proper adhesives and adhering to "Safe Drive-away" Times.

Many of us in America have become more environmentally conscience lately. The recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a painful reminder of the negative impact we humans can have on our world. So how eco-friendly is the United States compared with the rest of the world?

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