Auto Detailing San Diego

Interior Detailing


Cars: $145.00
Oversize Vehicles: $175.00 – $225.00
Carpet and Upholstery only: As low as $75.00

We thoroughly clean, sanitize and condition your car’s interior to look like new.  Our multi-step extraction system will deep clean and rinse your carpet and upholstery so that it looks it’s best and stays cleaner longer. Our leather and vinyl conditioners are top quality and they will leave your seats, door panels and dashboard looking great without any oily residue.


Shampoo carpet and upholstery
Thoroughly clean the dashboard, steering wheel, center console, ashtrays, door panels, and headliner
Condition interior vinyl and leather
Meticulous clean the instrument panel, air vents, and under your seats

*Pet hair, sand and heavy spoilage may cost extra.


Cars: $135.00
Oversize Vehicles: $145.00 – $175.00

Spills, stains, dirt, and grime are tough on your car’s fabric upholstery, and although we offer services to rejuvenate your interior, we always recommend that our clients avoid putting such strain on the fabric by being pro-active. It is inevitable that sooner or later accidents will happen, they are nearly impossible to avoid, but if your interior is treated with our protective sealant, the contaminates are unable to penetrate the surface, Our fabric protection treatment acts as a repellent that protects the fabric in your car, preserves it’s value, and gives your car interior a longer lasting new car look and feel.

Odor Removal or Control

Cars: $120.00
Oversize Vehicles: $150.00 – $185.00